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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Playing dress-up

I love acting like I'm 8 when I used to love digging in the "costume barrel" full of my grandma's old clothes and random parts of old Halloween costumes. Then I would put on parades for my parents. However I don't do the dress up thing as much as I should to come up with interesting new ways to wear my clothes. I just hate the way it results in a big ol' mess in my room and I dislike putting clothes and shoes away. 

I found this crazy ruffle thing for $2 at a thrift store. Do I know what it is ? NO! Did I buy it anyway? YES! I think I may try to wear it this weekend, but I may have to rethink the whole outfit. I threw on the brown belt while playing to match the brown soles of the black Michael Kors shoes, but I don't think many people will notice that and just think I'm nuts. Perhaps I'll try it with a dress. Or in a different way all together. I have no idea how it's supposed to be worn, it's just a thick four foot ruffle. I overlapped and connected the ends in the back with hidden safety pins, but it can just be one long string. Any ideas?
Ruffle - Fake Target
Long sleeve - Target
Belt - thrifted
Jeans - Earnest Sewn
Heels - Michael Kors

Here is how I wore the new boots from Monday's post for a wee bit (aka to the boys house) the day they arrived...
 Headband - it's actually a belt, wrapped around twice
Long sleeve - Target
Tunic - Target (it's an XXL tank top)
Jeans - Earnest Sewn
Boots - Seychelles

and how I wore them to work one day...
Bolero - Fake Target
T-Shirt - AA
Skirt - Free People
Boots - Seychelles

Laterz, must go prepare for the parental units first visit to Minneapolis in a year, which requires much cleaning, stashing of shoes from my mother's frugal eyes, and acting like I'm a real grown up.

P.S. Bought some crazy pants at Goodwill yesterday, finished blind hemming them today, will find a way to wear them soon so you can laugh at me. I'm good for that at least.


was it something i said? said...

girls who wear hats are creepy? i love hats...i suppose that right that has always said a lot about me. ;)
ill be crashing at a friends house on lyndale (by leaning tower of pizza), so if we get sick of club jag - we may just stop by then! keep your phone on you for if i call. if anything, happy hour next week sounds good. maybe wednesday or thursday? i miss you!

daddylikeyblog said...

CHRISTINE YOU WON THE DADDY LIKEY HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST BY A LANDSLIDE! (But was there ever any doubt?) Email me your information and I'll forward it to ModCloth so you can collect your winnings! Congrats!
p.s. Have I mentioned that those boots are fabulous?


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