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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The list

So I have a list, it is not written (although there are MANY lists in my life, all over the house, on my desk at work, and generally one written on the inside of my wrist for REALLY important things). Anyway, I am talking about the mental list of things that are missing from my wardrobe. I am missing some MAJOR staples (the only black pants I own are my bartending pants, I don't own a white button down shirt, I don't own a black skirt, ETC!) however, I am not interested in these things, which is why I don't own these things. Two things that are on my list...

Military inspired coat (well, I do have that old Belgian army one from 1950...)

 Everyday cape/ponch (as opposed to a thick coat-like one, which I have)

Well, I found TWO military-ish jackets (I'm sure I'll wear the other one some time soon so you can see it, just not too soon) and my everyday cape!

Next up... tall medium brown boots with a chunky heel (I finally found and ordered my dream pair, well, not my dream pair but the closest I will come on my budget, which does not involve Ann Demeulemeester boots)

Now I must stop wasting time and go do the dishes (how glamorous!)

P.S. Last night saw TV on the Radio at First Ave (for the 3rd time) and they were AMAZING as always, as were The Dirtbombs, who opened. Laterz.

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was it something i said? said...

i need to know where this fake target store is and soon. also, yes to seeing eachother this weekend!


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