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Friday, October 10, 2008

Meandering thoughts

There is a crazy outlet store near my house that I rarely let myself go to. Like four times a year, they clean out all the inventory in their Sale Annex and everything is $2. I only go like once or twice a year but last spring I found this awesome butt bow skirt there.

Cardigan - Fake Target
T-shirt - Target
Skirt - Crazy $2 outlet store annex. 
Shoes - Madeline (Nordstrom's Rack)

I don't specifically have anything to post on, but here are some thoughts for you

- there are spiders living in my car. For about 3 weeks, every morning there is a web across my windshield (on the inside). I am okay with this. I break the web every morning and there is a new one every morning. I will be angry when a.)one bites me b.)one jumps down on my bare ankle while driving and I crash c.) there is an "egg sac" somewhere.

- speaking of things that are gross, I am a school nurse (well, assistant nurse but am alone there most of the time). Kids are gross. I am okay with boogers and scraped knees and loose teeth are kinda gross to look at, but I'm pretty okay with everything. Yesterday we had a little girl who came in with Impetigo. It's pretty common but pretty gross. Basically you get a blister rash that OOZES. on your face. Ickers. Today, we had a little boy come in with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (yes, that is it's official name, and yes it makes me think of mad cow disease and all the Hoof-and-mouth Disease talks - they are in no way related). Again, blister-like sores on lips, in mouth and on tongue, on palms of hands and feet. Ickers. This one is really gross cause, how do you get it in the first place? By placing something infected in your mouth. How does something get infected? You can't get it from touching the sores, the only way it is contagious is the fact that the virus works it's way out of your body through feces. Yeah, little kids don't wash their hands after dropping a deuce then touch all the toys and crayons and once everyone in the class puts the toys and crayons in their mouth... Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease for ALL! Gross.

- ok, substantially less gross, I want to rant at you about thrift stores (yeah, even I'll admit, sometimes they are a little gross). GO TO THRIFT STORES NOW. Find the Halloween rack and fulfill all your vintage dreams. Seriously, they hoard all the vintage stuff all summer and then shove it all on the costumes racks. It's ridiculous. It's awesome. It's ridiculously awesome.

-Do you like cucumbers (I do! especially sliced nice and thin!) Do you like raw almonds? (I do!) Have you ever put sliced almonds (like from the baking aisle) on cucumber slices? It is AWESOME. I discovered this accidentally while eating a salad I made at Kowalski's and now eat it at lunch like four times a week. Go try it and if you hate it, put those almonds on something else and leave me and my cucumbers alone.

-I have Thursday and Friday off next week and I can't wait!! I have a ton of stuff to photograph and measure for my etsy. I'm excited to do a big fall/winter stocking (and I have a few new summery things. Suprisingly, I sell a lot of stuff in Australia and it is spring there. I've heard they have like no decent vintage there. Sad!)

-Totally random but here's a little tidbit for yous. I'm a ditz. Seriously, I'm just kind of a flake. I work really hard to appear intelligent (cause I am! Really! Do you want to see my ACT scores and college GPA?) I just forget things a lot, I get lost A LOT, and just like it when things are fun and cute and neat, and well, yeah. I'm a ditz. So, I'm very hyper organized at work and have to write things on my calendar and make myself notes and reminders or I just forget stuff. But sometimes, when it's slow and I'm bored, it's nice to just let it all hang out and be my own silly little self. Today was one of those days. Go me. OOH, which reminds me, one of the sixth grade girls told me I was "the youngest, cutest nurse ever" BOO-YAH!

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Jennifer said...

Do you live near Opitz? I get a rash every time I go in there. It's just too much.


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