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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Matching, my decor, and free stuff! (in that order)

I've been trying to get over my fear of being "matchy" in my clothes. I'm not always a huge rainbow, but I always wear 3-4 colors (or more!). Maybe next week I'll try to stick to two colors at a time. This will be hard, but we'll see. What's the point? I'm bright and I like it. I also have this matchy issue in my house. I definitely have color schemes in my house and in each room. But I still don't want things being too much of the same... know what I mean? No? Here are some examples (I may do a whole house photo session for a future post, it's just that it's hard to photograph rooms - or is it just me?)

No matching silverware allowed (yeah, some people think it's gross that it's from thrift stores, but hey, it's no worse than restaurant silverware!)

Again, hard to photograph but I have all different drawer pulls in my bathroom (yes, the walls are robin's egg blue, with yellow cabinets and brown and red accents but I don't think you can see any of the red... but you can in the background here)

Ooh, speaking of the house, I am in LOVE with this little cabinet my grandma gave me. It's old, Norwegian and you're supposed to put like potatoes and onions in it. Mine is full of screenprining ink and FutureLint tags and tag making materials!

I also LOVE this old and beat up book shelf that I found for free on the side of the road (along with three very French looking mirrors). My mom thinks it is gross but I dig it!

Oh, and here is me trying to be a little matchy this morning (and in case you forgot, here are the stairs!) Alright, so I'm still wearing green, grey, gold, and brown. But two gold things = matchy to me, ok?
Tank - little boys Fruit of the Loom
Sweater - Fake Target
Belt - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted
Shoes - Steven by Steve Madden

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