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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Party like it's 1994

Yesterday's oddly '90s outfit... something about the "Arctic blast" we got yesterday made me want to wear a big, soft men's cardigan and wool knee socks... and a googly eyed cat pin.

11-12-13 Party like it's 1994
Pin - thrifted vintage
Cardigan - thrifted Winona Knits
Dress - thrifted Petite Sophisticate
Socks - ? very old
Shoes - Plenty by Tracy Reese

It was 8 degrees yesterday morning, which calls for the big guns coats and hats. I instantly regretted forgetting a scarf. It takes a while for me to get into full-on winter mode where I actually remember my hat and gloves and scarf every day.
Hat - thrifted
Coat - thrifted vintage Pavilion Petite

Googly cat whose body looks like a jelly bean:

P.S. Yes, I did fulfill my annual tradition of watching Back to the Future on November 12. We only watched the first one though as Nate has had to work late a lot, but I'm hoping to watch the other two some time this week! Great Scott!

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