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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The perfect storm

Dudes, wedding planning is so stressful! Ok, so last Thursday I posted about how I was spazzing out about something? That something is the fact that my "platinum" engagement ring is in fact white gold with some yellow gold trim. After a bunch of trips to the jewelers and emails back and forth with the lady who sold it to us, it's finally resolved. I get to keep my ring and we got some money back. Phew!

Necklace - thrifted
Oxford - thrifted little boys Cherokee
Bangles - thrifted, garage sales, flea markets, etc
Skirt - thrifted Ralph Lauren
Sandals - Old Navy

On Saturday Nate and I went and visited a venue. And fell in love with it for the ceremony and the reception (in seperate rooms.) The room rental was affordable, the right size for our 125ish guests, it's close to hotels, close enough to cab for our friends in MPLS, perfect! We reserved the room and emailed their catering manager and were so excited.

When I got back from waitressing last night, I saw an email from their catering manager saying we had to spend a minimum of $10,000 on food and beverages (PLUS pay a 20% service fee, 8% tax, and 12% liquor tax on top of that.) I was devastated. I cried. All night long. It was like a perfect storm of sadness and frustration. I was exhausted from working 14 hours straight, I'm ridiculously stressed trying to find a venue on short notice so we can start planning everything else, and of course it's that magical lady time of the month. It was an epic cry. I sent them an email calling them outrageous and insane. 

I woke up puffy and dehydrated and resigned to the fact that my dream venue was gone. Then, this morning they emailed me back and the catering woman was confused. The price she sent was for the 500+ person grand ballroom. Our rooms are totally reasonable (as in a THIRD of the price she sent) and we booked it! Venue = done! I'm SO SO SO SO SO SO SO relieved. Phewwwwwwwwwww.

I'm so glad we decided to do it this fall. I don't think I could do this for a year and a half! 

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