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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our wedding venue

Well, we've locked down our venue! It was scary, sending my first check with one too many zeros for my comfort level... but now we've got a place to get hitched. We're doing both the ceremony and reception at the McNamara Alumni Center at the U of MN! The building is ridiculously cool! They have a huge 500 person ballroom, but we're in three smaller rooms. This one we're using for the ceremony. It has amazing copper walls.

This one is for the reception. It also has some copper walls but then tons of floor to ceiling windows too:

And a third one for a cocktail area/gifts/photobooth/slideshow etc.

It has fun hallways for photos:

And the outside is awesome for photos too:

So that's that! Now I can start on the fun stuff like decorations!

P.S. I stole all these photos off McNamara's facebook page and they weren't properly credited there, so photographers, if you recognize one of your photos, I'd be happy to link it to your site if you let me know it's yours!

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