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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A tiny energy ball

Another cold and rainy day... surprise, surprise. Luckily this skirt is a sweater knit, so it's pretty warm but still feels springy because of the color.

Chambray shirt - thrifted newstock Target
Necklace - from my mom (she got it at a garage sale)
Skirt - thrifted Liz Claiborne
Cuff - J. Crew outlet
Sandals - thrifted Candies

My mom is in town for a few days so I went over to my sister's to hang out for a while. We talked about some wedding stuff (which was difficult because Henrik needs to be the center of attention at all times or he gets all whiney and crabby.) I don't know how Kim does it all day every day! She's pregnant (due early August - another boy!), her husband is out of town a lot (he's an international pilot), and she still works (I think mostly to keep herself sane by getting out of the house!) while constantly dealing with a needy 19 month old. Phew! I watched him on Saturday for a few hours and he wore me out!  Gooood thing he's cute... and dresses business casual.

I've been trying to teach him how to say "Go Twins!" but he just says "Go Tons!" He's really good at saying/waving goodbye, blowing kisses, and screaming "Quirl!" out the window (he loves squirrels!) He also runs to the window every time he hears an airplane goes by and says "Dada" since dad flies planes. But his main obsession is cooking and stirring. He loves to watch my sister cook and always carries around a wooden spoon (which came in handy a few weeks ago when he got strong enough to open the bottom freezer for the first time and promptly helped himself to some Haagen Dazs while mom was getting ready for work.)

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