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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our wedding theme

If you follow me on Pinterest, this may not be new information... but here's our wedding theme:

Midnight baseball? Baseball Under the Stars? Constellations? I don't know what to "call" it but that's it. Navy, mustard yellow, and white are our colors (with tiny bits of red for the stitching.)

As I've said a million times at this point, Nate and I are pretty simple people. I want our wedding to be pretty but I'm not a flowery, chandeliery, elegant bride. We love baseball, the constellations will be easy to DIY in a bunch of ways, and it'll be fun and feel like "us." Plus we're hoping to avoid serving the same boring wedding chicken for dinner, and do burgers and fries instead! And do tiers of baseball cookies instead of cake. 

P.S. Sorry for the lack of outfit posts/posts in general. I always have a hard time transitioning from my school year schedule to my summer schedule. This year is even harder since I've mostly been wearing my waitressing uniform! But I'll try to do a few posts a week now that I'm a bit more adjusted to "summer mode." Toodles! 

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