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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our Save the Dates / Our Photo Booth

Two weeks ago Nate and I took engagement photos for our save the dates. We knew we weren't going to get all fancy and go pose for a real photographer but we wanted to do something...  so the photo booth it was! Free (since we both work there part-time), fast, and fun! So here's our postcards! I hastily designed them myself and then sent them off to be printed! We're getting our real invites professionally designed but these I just wanted to get in the mail ASAP so people knew we were getting married in only 4 months! 

Sorry, blocked out a few personal things (for now.) I'll fill you all in on the deets later!

Soooo, since we're already talking about the photo booth, we're also having a photo booth at the wedding (duh!)... But not just any photo booth. We're not talking about a webcam and a shower curtained area. We're talking about the greatest photo booth in the galaxy. The Traveling Photo Booth

If you need a photo booth, I honestly can't recommend them enough. I've seen some baaaaaad booths over the past few years but this one is hands down, the best. Period. And I don't even feel like I'm biased because I worked there. The quality of photos is the most important thing to me (along with the traditional photo strip format) and I love it's minimalist look so it's not this obtrusive, ugly box in the middle of my cute wedding. It's perfecto and I'm so excited to shove all my friends and family into it all night long! And Nate too, of course! 

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