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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

shoe boo or bag hag?

Ahh the age-old question, are you a shoe girl or a bag gal? (apparently some people include hats in this?? Does anyone out there have more hats than shoes or bags? I'm curious!) I am FOR SURE a shoe girl. For the longest time, I didn't even carry a purse. Yes, in high school and college I carried a MAN'S WALLET in my jeans pocket or coat. Jaws. (Do people understand it when I say that? I say "Jaws" instead of "Jesus" or "Geez"... it started with a friend in high school... when something is really outlandish I tend to draw it out to a Jaws/Jesus combo which is "Jaaawsus") Anyway...

I probably have close to 100 pairs of shoes and sandals... somehow it just makes sense to me! You need wedges, stilettos, classic pumps, strappy sandals, closed toe, peep toe, chunky heel, boots of different heights, etc and all in different colors. Duh! Ok, not duh, but it makes sense to me. They finish off the outfit. I just don't care about purses. Which is good. I can't care about everything. So I have two main purses I carry, a big black Hayden-Harnett, and a small caramel brown Etienne Aigner.
(Um, yes, I bought a little purse jangle in Korea (and a cell phone jangle) - EVERYBODY there has them. LOTS of them. So I got this little string fellow with pom-pom hair!)
So, I went to the thrift store last night and the purses have a new brother. An early '80s Coach bag that is so incredibly soft and awesome and $18 (and real!)
 So, while I'm not ready to become a bag girl yet, I'm excited to have a third regular purse (although it is pretty much the love child of my other two purses... can you tell I like across the body bags - that is due to a purse snatching incident and now I am paranoid. Don't worry though, I ran the mugger down about 8 blocks later in my wedge sandals and skirt and got the purse back, minus the cash. Still, I'm traumatized!)

I obviously have some special occasion purses like everyone else, like these three here:

Ok, detour over. Back to today's outfit! Which was inspired by this photo of Shala Monroque on B.Jones Style that she described as exotic-tribal-70's-prepster:
I didn't have a necklace similar to hers, but figured the overall outfit had a similar vibe.

Shirt - f by faconnable (inherited from aunt)
Necklace - thrifted
Jeans - Paul & Joe for Target
Shoes - Juicy Couture (I know, I know... I didn't think I'd ever own anything by Juicy, but I love a good wedge! And it was 50% off clearance day at Off 5th - the Sack's 5th Ave outlet store!)
Although, looking at that picture of Shala Monroque again, I'm pretty sure I NEED a tiger bag, yes?


Sal said...

I'm with you all the way - shoes over bags! And share your belief that one of each should be owned. It's a dangerous belief.

The new Coach bag is quite a find! And I bet it'll last forever.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i'm a shoe girl too!! the only bags i use are bags from bookstores (nerd).
and i LOVE that checkered shirt you're wearing today!

jesse.anne.o said...

I can't figure this out because I like them both equally and I buy them both with the same frequency?

Kimberly said...

I am a shoe gal when it comes to quantity (have 100+ pairs) and a purse gal when it comes to quality. Now don't get me wrong I like nice shoes, but I can get great deals on good quality shoes and with that I add to the collection often. As for purses I am a label whore so I don't buy a ton but the amount of money I spend is silly.

As for today's outfit - love it!! Great mix going on here.

Jane W. said...


I still have (and carry) my Coach Court Bag from 1991. I've had the hardware replaced once, but it's in great shape.

That's a wonderful outfit.

Taylor said...

Great outfit today! The shirt, the jeans, the shoes - all of it.

I am most def a shoe boo. I have a few "fancy" clutches (which in all honestly were Sephora give-aways) but I use the same purse for everyday wear. I swap it out every season so I probably go through three or four in a year. Shoes FTW!

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Great shoes! And what a thrift find.
I also have no place in my life for handbags. I have to lug papers, files, and books everywhere, so I like utility in my carrying containers.
I don't have as many shoes as I'd like. It's a domestic compromise.

myedit said...

Ok, I love this look and the inspiration and I'm mentally tucking it away for myself.
And that's funny that you own some Juicy... it's ok, they are really pretty and no terry cloth in sight...

Sarah said...

I am def. a shoe girl. I like bags, but I don't like the change them all that often and I tend to be never want to by a new one, but shoes, that is a different story. I love shoes but these are some great bags. Good finds!


Julia said...

I'm becoming more of a shoe girl, although up until recently I've been bag lady - I think the reasons were the purse/bag always fits me, whereas shoes can be difficult to find in the right size/fit/comfort level.

wardrobeexperience said...

wow, you did some brilliant buys ...

I buy shoes, I buy bags, buy buy buy buy ... i can't leave a cute vintage leather bag in a thirft shop or a unique pair of wedges on flea market stall even it's not my size. maniac-me!


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