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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fine and Dandy - a very special shorts suit

Yesterday, on The Cohabitating Closet I was inspired by an outfit featuring an exceptionally rad shorts suit (and the photos of Angus Young just cemented the idea in my brain!) She said she was inspired by E. from Academichic who was discussing shorts suits. So, it's like a game of telephone, trickling down the internet! Want to play? Go put on a blazer and shorts! For my interpretation I put on a pretty voluminous silk top with silk roses at the neckline to make it a bit more feminine. I'm totally going to do this again though, and really play up the schoolboy aspect. I love the look!

 Blazer - thrifted little boys tux jacket from a rental place
Shirt - Cynthia Rowley (which I should have taken a detail shot of, guh...)
Shorts - thrifted The Limited
Bangles - all thrifted
Shoes - Jessica Simpson

A few days ago, reader Emily asked for a few shots of the photos going up my stairs. They were kinda hard to get pictures of, just because of the stairway, but here you go!

In college I took a photography class. No, not a digital photography class. A film and noxious chemicals photography class, and this was my final project. It is 25 photographs of circles, cut down into squares and mounted in black. It was originally displayed in the gallery so the images were arranged in a 5 x 5 square. The photos are of: the end of a railing with the anarchy symbol graffitied on, a fisheye mirror, a waffle iron, an ashtray full of cigarettes, a clothes dryer, a garbage can bottom, a basement grate, a cat's eye from a bar's logo, the head portion of a bike rack shaped like a person, a sign written in French telling you not to park blocking the door, a piece of wood patching a hole on an old door, a stripped mattress spring, a part of a gas line, the center of a sunflower, the speaker end of an old payphone, a round boombox, a bowl of cheerios, a decorative tin plate, a drainpipe full of dead leaves, a sink drain, a burner on a stove, the fan on a lawnmower, a record, and the top of a lantern.

I totally wish I had access to a dark room, developing photos is so rad.


lumikha said...

cool jacket (and shoes!) also, those pictures are pretty awesome. i wish i took photography classes, but i just ended up teaching myself. getting into film photography though (my dad gave me two of his vintage slrs and i can't wait to clean it and start shooting...if i only have the time).

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

So cute! I love how you style your shorts suit with a frilly blouse. The black looks amazing with your beautiful hair too.
Thanks for the shoutout!

WendyB said...

I'm not usually a fan of shorts but this changes my mind! A very sophisticated look.

Work With What You've Got said...

I love this!~ Very chic!

emily said...

thank you

WildBirdVintage said...

don't know if I am ready yet...for shorts...oh dear! but YOU look fantastic in them.

halfpastafreckle said...

Love the suit outfit and the photo project is truly wonderful!!! I love old film and wish it
1. was cheaper
2. also had a dark room

Anonymous said...

Whoa--love this! The blouse is beautiful and the brown heeled sandals with the classy black shorts suit are perfect.

elena-lu said...

rocking it!


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