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Friday, January 29, 2010

kitchen wall and soooo many photos of me on the stairs

My day off has been awesome! Don't have an outfit photo today, because I changed like 30 times - I took 146 photos of myself (eep!) "modeling" stuff for my etsy... which took forever! Then ran 5 miles, then went to my first physical therapy session for my crazy ulnar nerve, which was better than I thought. I just made the best garlic basil mashed potatoes for dinner and now I'm going to go hang with the boy.

Last night, the kitchen fixing continued... I've had these photos just randomly stabbed up on my kitchen wall since I moved in, but have been wanting to do something "real" forever. So it went from this:
(two of my best friends own a traveling photo booth company, thus all the photo strips)

To this:

The Plymouth flag is from an antique shop, with my mom, I was going to sell it, but I just like it! The random framed $20 is from when I first started my t-shirt line, FutureLint and was photographing my friends wearing the shirts in the local sculpture garden. This girl came up and LOVED them and demanded I sell her two, right off my friend's backs... so I took one of the $20 and framed it, so I remember to believe in my silly little shirts. (corny, I know, and one day I'll probably get desperate and take that $20 and spend it, but so far it's been 3 years and it's still in the frame!)

All the crap in the middle is from thrift stores.

The sun on the right is from a thrift store in Hawaii when I was 18. Yes, I dragged my mom to a thrift store in Hawaii ten years ago, and found a cool old coconut sun! The wire was a sculpture one of my students made at my former job (where I worked with all the kids who got in fights and got kicked out of class and had in-school suspension.) He was so proud of his wire sculpture of himself, and then he got in a fight and smashed the sculpture in my office. I tried to get him to keep it but he wouldn't. I kept it as a reminder to think things over before letting your emotions do things you will regret. The three plaques in the middle are French awards for bird shows and dog shows.

Since it took so long to take all the photos, I'll be actually listing the stuff for my etsy tomorrow or Sunday.   Here's just some of the stuff:
Have a great weekend kids!


Katrina said...

Oh what fabulouso finds going into your etsy shop. I hope you enjoyed your day off!

wardrobeexperience said...

beautiful dresses for the shop... love the yellow one most...!


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