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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Apparently it's bright pants week!

I started digging around in the back of my shorts/capris/pants closet because it's been like -10 here for a week and pants are a necessary evil right now. So I found some old yellow and pink pants I nearly forgot I had! You don't get a Monday picture because my car had to be jumped twice in like 16 hours (because it got to -25 with the wind) and there is nothing like jumpstarting a car at 6am in the frozen tundra to put you in a bad mood. I'm sure I wore something Monday, I just don't recall what, I only recall the rage and numb fingers and toes. Ah well, a new car battery has been installed by the boy and Carl the car is good as new and we will continue our adventures together!

 Jacket - Brooklyn Industries
Turtleneck - thrifted Target SAMPLE
Pants - Free People
Shoes - ? Bought them in London when I was 16... the brand name wore off looong ago

Free People pants detail - they came with a hankie sewed in the back pocket... people often ask me if I know it's there or if I know I have a napkin stuck to my butt... le sigh...


 Vest - thrifted DKNY
Shirt - Polo Ralph Lauren, inherited from aunt
Pants - Express, 8 years ago
Boots - thrifted Ann Taylor LOFT

Illinois Grade School District Concert medals - found in an antique store in Rockford, IL with my mom over Christmas:

Ooh, which reminds me, I still have a few things to show you that I bought at the antique stores... I found some great stuff and it was cheaper than stores here in Minneapolis! I got a few things for me and a few things for the etsy, which I need to post. Must get out of lazy winter break mode and back into the swing of things. I just need to get organized... I bought a Moleskin Colour A Month Daily Planner Box Set from Gilt (let me know if you want to join and I'll give you a code!) for only $16! Score! Organization is the new black!


Sal said...

I'm wearing my bright green pants today! It's TOTALLY Bright Pants Week here in Mpls.

elena-lu said...

dude the sewed hankie! haha i couldnt pull that off! you are the bomb!!!

Anonymous said...

I love bright pants, but I can not pull them off as nicely as you. You look fantastic in both outfits!

Love your jacket in the 1st pic- so cute!



neon panda said...

LOVE the moleskines... wow.. so many colours!!!

Sher said...

what fun finds. My grandfather grew up in Illinois. and for years and years they used to have the Town of Blood school reunion. (nothing to do with vampires lol) And I'm sure that tiny school would have awards like that.

sorry about that battery. There is NEVER a good time for a car to break down.

wardrobeexperience said...

I love everything about the first outfit! the colours, the fit, the layering... love love love!

Anonymous said...

I live near, er... OK FINE I live in Rockford (shame!) ...where did you find those medals? I never see anything cool anywhere around here...sigh.

futurelint said...

Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you, I had to find the receipt. They are from the 1905 Emporium!


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