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Monday, January 25, 2010

I wear rubberbands

Wore my crazy rubberband jumprope from Mexico today... I love it but I smell rubber all day and everyone is very interested in touching and examining it.
Necklace - thrifted jump rope (don't worry, it was brand new)
Sweater - thrifted Target SAMPLE
Skirt - thrifted Old Navy
Tights - crazy outlet store
Shoes - Steve Madden

I'm making an effort to do a bit of de-cluttering every day... I tend to be a bit of a pack rat (we're not talking Hoarders style, I just think I can re-use and re-purpose things and then I am a bit sentimental too and want to keep everyone's wedding invitations and cute Christmas photo cards...) So, that brings us to my fridge which has been accumulating junk on it for the past 4? 5? years I've lived in my condo... it needed a clean off, badly! I kept the things that were really important in my little shoebox of concert tickets and playbills and etc. Soooooo much better!

Ok, I need to go attempt to eat something - I had to go to the dentist this afternoon to get an old filling that had cracked replaced... it was THREE HOURS ago and I still can't feel the whole right side of my face; I'm scared to chew anything or I might bite my cheek! But I'm soooo hungry! I'm thinking applesauce? Anyway, usually when I go to a dentist and they try to numb my tooth, I'll wind up screaming in pain as soon as they do anything so they give me another shot of Novocaine and sometimes a third... I never understood it until my dentist told me about this last year and now he just numbs the shit out of my face and all is good (well, except that the larger dose takes forever to wear off!) Byyyye and wish me luck with attempting to eat!


Christine said...

I just got a root canal and needed 4 shots. I'm a brunette, though :)

Kimberly said...

A jump rope as a necklace - genius!! Very interesting about the redhead thing too. Hope your eating went well!

Work With What You've Got said...

Oh my gosh!~ That is awesome. I love it.

Sal said...

Brilliant! Too bad it's so ... fragrant.

Katrina said...

I love de-cluttering the fridge! And I love the colours of your outfit here!


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