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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The girliest boy scout

Since I was inspired by girl scouts last Wednesday, I figured I should do a boy scout one too (it was super hard not to take this too overboard - I own an insane amount of old girl scout and boy scout paraphernalia... I can't help it, it's all so cheap and adorable!)

Butterfly clip - made in 8th grade out of a plastic toy
Vintage boy scout shirt - thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted J.Crew
Tights - Target
Shoes - Diesel via Gilt Group

Guh, sleeping in my super cool elbow brace is anything but super cool. I think I'm gonna have to go get some Tylenol PM or whatever to take... I'm supposed to be on anti-inflammatory drugs anyway so hopefully it will help me sleep, I am waaay too tired today.


Sal said...

Oh, how I love this look. Boy-Scout-influenced, but still fabulously feminine! Hope that elbow is on the mend, doll ...

Anonymous said...

You are the cutest! I love this boy scout inspired outfit, I think the red tights and boots add the perfect feminine touch.

Hope your elbow gets better soon, nothing worse than being in pain when you are trying to sleep. Tylenol should help though. :)

Much love,


Kimberly said...

You are the most adorable boy scout ever!! I am always attracted to Boy & Girl Scout stuff too while thrifting and at flea markets!

evanadine said...

another home run!

i seriously love your look + am amazed at how effortless it looks. (of course, it might take tons of effort to look that effortless...)
i just love how eclectic your style is!

Melrose said...

haha i love this look sooo much! reminds me of brownies back in the day :)

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

aw, hope you're feeling better soon!
love the scout-inspired look especially with those awesome red tights.
p.s. am following you now (and can't figure out why i wasn't before--i have admired your photos on wardrobe remix since i started there!)

Katrina said...

when I think of scouts now...You are at the forefront of my mind. You do the look such justice!

and did I miss something, why the elbow brace?

futurelint said...

yeah, I kinda vaguely mentioned it a few posts ago - basically my left elbow hates me and is trying to destroy me... I don't really know what's wrong yet until I get the EMG on Monday, something with my ulnar nerve (funny bone)...

When it started last year:

Clare said...

I love the girly boy scout perfection! Super sweet.

Claire said...

Yeahh, Duide and Scout memorabilia! Excellent.


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