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Friday, September 5, 2008

For the love of coats

Ok, as promised, and since I usually don't photograph me in my coats with the exception of yesterday and the Sergio Valente I saved my mother from. On a side note, have I mentioned that the boy is a Star Trek nerd? Really, the Enterprise is hanging from the ceiling in the living room and there is a MAP of it in the kitchen. Anyway, whenever he asks if something I'm wearing is new and it's something I've had forever, he always makes odd sci-fi references about the various vectors, and defcons, and whatnot of my closet. So, here we go, level one, phase one of coats (several more to follow). Judge me not. I have a problem.

Both of these are new ones, thrifted for 8 big ones each.

This one was pricey, it was $25 at Goodwill, but come on... it's long! it's wool! it's plaid! it came with a matching scarf! it makes me feel like I could have dated Bob Dylan had I been this age, wearing this coat, when Blonde on Blonde came out... er, I'm getting carried away, but it is a happening coat.

Inherited from my awesome Tante Lisa (ok, ok, I was raised Norwegian to the max and call all my aunts on that side of the family the Norwegian word for aunt). So cliche, a sheepskin coat. But free! What is that floating orb on me in this and the last photo? who knows! Let's blame my cheap camera!

This crazy embroidered number I picked up at an outlet store when coat season was ending... it was half off the 90% off price. It's a $400 coat that I got for twenty bucks. Go me. Anyway, I will showcase more coats at a later date... again, no judging. I am embarrassed of all my obese closets (coat closet included).


Lesley Denford said...

Ooh, love the plaid and the embroidered ones! Sadly, I only have one winter coat. I need to start thrift shopping.

Jennifer said...

Go you indeed. That sheepskin coat is the bomb fucking diggity.

E said...

How could you not have a million coats in Minnesota? You have quite the amazing collection!

Eelie said...

Coats are fantasic pieces. Sadly Winter has just past (Southern hemispherean you see) so sadly most are now relegated to my closet :( These coats my dear are rather a cute bunch. Amazing find for that last floral one. Different and quirky, plus plus :)


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