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Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am hungry

Sorry, I can't come up with a title...  I was being lazy today and didn't make a lunch and thus only ate a can of veggie soup all day... must go snack before I go to the grocery store or I will wind up with a cart full of cheese and crackers in various forms... anyway, here is what I look like at 7:58 am (do I look bad-ass in my new thrifted cropped leather coat? it's too bad the only bike I roll up on is a 1970's French Peugeot bicycle). This was yesterday...
9-4-08 How I roll up.
Cropped motorcycle jacket - Thrifted Wilson's Leather

and at like 8:02 am later that day (oh so prim and proper and ready to dispense so many hugs)
9-4-08 (how I roll)
Necklace - thrifted
T-Shirt - Target
Belt - AnnTaylor, thrifted
Skirt - Liz Claiborne, thrifted
Shoes - some shop in England, 12 years ago!

And today...
9-5-08 Viva La Friday!
Cardi - stolen from friend's "to the Goodwill pile" like 5 years ago
T-shirt - Target
Long strand of white beads (barely visible) - Salvation Army
Skirt - mega-clearance at TJ Maxx
Dotted tights - Target
Blue cowboys - ebay! $10!

I need to do a post on my coat problem soon... I have, oh, around 25? I'll count. I just like wearing a lot of different ones in the fall and winter (which last A LONG time here in MN, so it's justified, right?) I just got that motorcycle one and dropped a HUGE $25 on it at Unique Thrift, but thought it was worth it. Of course, the boy hates it, as he grew up by Sturgis, where the big Harley Davidson rally is every year, and thus hates everything leather, all motorcycles (especially the loud ones) and biker culture in general (although we both harbor an affinity for Stella, the "leatha" clad rock-and-roller on Project Runway who is 50%Cher, 50%Joey Ramone... who else peed for a minute when she revealed she had a boyfriend named William, but he goes by... RATBONES!) I need a biker nickname... although I guess it should be French like my bike, which I don't speak, hmph.


David Dust said...

I am SO going to miss Stella! But I'm sure she's happy with her Ratbone.

CLICK HERE for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.


was it something i said? said...

ah man, she got kicked off? i did get to watch yesterdays episode due to the 2 hour premiere of top model. shhh, its a great show! :) stella and her "leatha". i think the black girl with the big hair..kaiko or something? she's my favorite...you think i'd know her name...

how was mos def?? hot??

plans this weekend?? like, seeing me?? got my car fixed.

E said...

That jacket is RAD. As are those shoes.

Richel said...

is this your house?

that is the coolest staircase i have ever seen.
and you like wes anderson? you are now officially like one of my fav people of all time

futurelint said...

yeah, this is my condo! I love my little spiral stairs but it was a huge pain in the ass to get my bedroom furniture upstairs. Most of it was hauled up over the outside balcony which was quite an adventure. I LOVE Wes Anderson... can you believe that Rushmore came out TEN YEARS ago? Geez, I'm old.

Bella said...

Love the jacket... the look is perfect.


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