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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

cheap sunglasses

Inspired by
Daddy Likey

and her funny post about the Disposers vs. Investors (in sunglasses of course) I have to post and brag about my cheap (cost) yet expensive (to someone years before they wound up on my face) sunglasses. I have several pairs that I have found over the years but these are my faves... They were 80 cents at a thrift store and they are vintage Givenchy. Yes, yes y'all. GIVENCHY and 80 cents. And hilarious, and chic, and unique, and everything lovely and granny-like.
How someone did not break these is clear, you protect these babies, but why oh why would you GIVE AWAY these rose colored glasses? Anywhoo, their loss, my mega-gain. I LOVE them.

On other notes, here is how I left my house this morning and every morning all spring since it is somehow ALWAYS still in the 40's when I leave my house at 7am
And that jacket... why yes it is a
My mom and her closet and my raids on it are useless for 60's and 70's stuff, but whoa did she hold on to some 80's stuff and might still be wearing it if I didn't steal it and rock it harder. The back is even better...

so here is what was on under the coat since I was feeling a bit nautical? today

and the awesome puffy vintage braided belt


Now I just need Ryan to take me sailing for the first time this year (Yes, my BF has a sailboat, no he does not have a car, yes we do push it down the side-streets of uptown to Lake Calhoun). It is also navy in color and after Saturday's old leaves and nasty melted snow-water removal party, it is no longer disgusting from winter and ready to hit the high seas (or the ponds that they call lakes in MN). Ahoy, err, I'm off to walk the plank??? whatevs, bye!

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daddylikeyblog said...

You are SO cute! And those glasses are to die for!


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