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Thursday, September 18, 2008

In a funky funk

I'm in a funk today... my world and the larger world are in a sad state of affairs. Well, not really my world. I know I have NOTHING to complain about at all, it's just one of those days, you know. Ah well, tomorrow shall be fab (if I go to bed now instead of watching reruns and playing internets.) I love the weather here! It's cold in the morning and at night (good sleeeeping weather) and warm (but not hot, like high 70s in the day). I love to sit outside and eat my lunch in the sun and watch all the people running around downtown (and up in the skyways). I had to cut it short today though when I started getting harassed by a clearly drunk homeless guy. Here is yesterday and today... I need to stop getting ahead of myself and dressing so fallish/layery... I need to take a few summer dresses out for one last tour of the city before they get retired for winter.

9-17-08 Cumberbun!!!
Vest - thrifted
Dress -  necessary objects
Cumberbun - going out of business tux rental shop
Sandals - MIA

Here's to tomorrow!

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