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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taking too many pictures

Five days of outfits for you! I know I'm doing crappy on updating the blog lately. I just have been trying a few other things. In exciting news on the Etsy front, someone who works for Etsy ordered something from my shop. I shipped it off to Etsy today! Exciting.

9-19-08 One of the last sundress days...
Dress - Papillion (from www.kitty-pants.com )
Tank - Little boys Fruit of the Loom
Shoes - Dezario
Bow tie (worn on wrist) - going out of business tux shop, came with matching cumberbun

9-20-08 Fall plaid
Yellow tank - Target
Plaid babydoll - Miss Chevous (it was on clearance at TJ Maxx)
Socks - thrifted (gross, I know)
Shoes - Thrifted Ann Taylor LOFT

9-21-08 Summer plaid
White tank - Little boys Fruit of the Loom
Dress - thrifted Target (it is a sample dress, and said SAMPLE on the bottom in Sharpie, so I cut like 4 inches off it-- one of the perks of living in MN, the headquarters of Target, the thrift stores are FULL of samples)
Boots - vintage

9-22-08 Vintage doily tank
Cardigan - Target
Tank - I sewed a vintage doily to a grey tank
Jeans - Old Navy clearance 

9-23-08 The Sporting Life
Grey t-shirt - Target
Mesh jersey - um, yeah... I found this in a dumpster outside a house that was having an estate sale... apparently they didn't think it would sell. I also got a cute '40s hat. Oh, the things I do for fashion.
Skirt- Goodwill Outlet
Shoes - Indeed

I'm planning to spend the next few hours putting up new vintage clothes in my shop. I got some rather awesome stuff including this sweet dress and jumpsuit...
 this sweater and cardigan...

This sweater vest that reminds me of Sesame Street and this red floral sweater vest...

Otherwise nothing too new here. Went to Nye's (voted the "Best Bar in America" by Esquire magazine) on Friday. Haven't been there in years, listened to Polka. Saturday I went for a long bike ride, waitressed and went to Mike's BBQ. Sunday I watched the Vikings/Twins and other football games. All around, a boring but relaxing weekend. Laters, off to measure and describe clothes for hours.

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