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Monday, December 30, 2013

Wedding week: What we wore

Well, my dress was vintage from the 1950s. I found it at an Arc's Value Village years ago for $14. I had planned to sell it in my etsy but once I tried it on, it fit like a glove! So I held on to it. Yes, I was that girl with no boyfriend and a wedding dress in the closet. Weird. Anyway, I got it restored by the vintage wedding dress restoration team at White Way Cleaners because while it was in great condition, it was looking a bit "Ms. Havisham."

 For shoes, I had two pairs. For the photos and ceremony, I wore these Pollini wedges:

For the reception, I changed into these vintage leather baseball Keds. They were only made in 1992 so tracking down a pair on ebay in good condition and in my size took me a while! I'm so glad I did this - while I'm pretty good in big shoes, after taking photos for so long, it was nice to dance in comfy shoes!

For jewelry, I wore this necklace I had custom made on etsy here. Nate's dad died 15 years ago and I wanted to find a way to include him in the wedding. His mom sent me a copy of his signature from their wedding certificate and I secretly had it turned into this necklace which I wore as a surprise for Nate.
Nate's ring is from a local independent jeweler and my wedding band is a carved ID ring which says "NATE" from etsy here.

I found two pairs of starry earrings on ebay and attached them together myself to make one pair. I struggled with what to do with my hair. I was maybe going to go get it done but I didn't want to wind up looking like I was going to prom and my hair (while based in laziness) has kinda become my signature look. So I fancied it up a bit with some rhinestone stars (and a birdcage veil). My hair accessories are from etsy here, which came with one big star comb...

and three small star combs... (also you can see what the back of the dress looks like here!)

Nate wore his tortoise shell Ray Ban glasses, a navy DKNY suit, a brown English Laundry tie with tiny skull and crossbones on it, a Michael Kors shirt, and To Boot New York shoes.

The only photo we have where you can really see his awesome shoes:

Okay! Tomorrow I'll post about the wedding party and their attire! 

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