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Monday, December 2, 2013


If you don't enjoy barfing stories, I wouldn't read the part after the outfit photos...
Sweater - thrifted Boundary Waters
Pearl collar necklace - thrifted
Spikey necklace - Off 5th
Jeans - Gap
Ballet flats - Mudd


Well, Nate and I drove the six hours to go visit my parents for Thanksgiving. It was really nice (at first)... We did the whole big turkey dinner thing and it was great. My four month old nephew Peder was throwing up one night and he was pretty fussy the next day so my sister, my mom, and I kept taking turns keeping him as happy as we could. Friday night I got a headache, and then started to feel nauseous. My mom felt the same way. We both started baaaaarfing and within an hour my sister was too. Thank goodness there's three bathrooms in the house - one for each of us! I threw up 2-3 times every twenty minutes for about 8 hours. It was horrific. I threw up until it was painful and there was nothing left to throw up. I drank water just so there was something there rather than just excruciating dry-heaving. I tried to sleep in between runs to the bathroom but combined with the off and on sweats/chills it was an awful night. 

On Saturday Nate and I drove back to Minneapolis (thankfully he didn't get sick too! I felt bad because he had to sleep downstairs on the reclining sofa, then drive all day - neither of which is very pleasant for him because he has some broken vertebrae in his lower back). I slept for quite a bit of the drive and was so excited to be home in my own bed. It's been years since I've puked (thanks to the historical record that is the blog, I know it was June 6, 2009.) I still feel weird every time I eat, so here's hoping I'm back to full strength in a day or two! 

The culprit...

Oh, hey! I'm Peder! I'm adorable and dressed up like a snowman for no reason other than there's nothing else to do in Wisconsin... and I'm about make you all very, very sick. 

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