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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Heat Wave, Tennis, Not Halloween

Ok, I don't want to just drop a bunch of photos on you and run, so I'm gonna start posting a few days a week again. I'm working summer school at a different art school and it is the only 3 weeks of the year I drive to work. I love biking to work and taking the bus is better than fighting traffic to get downtown in rush hour, but I gotta admit, these three weeks are pretty sweet. I can sleep in later and still get there on time, so I should be better about posting for a few weeks now.

Ugh, some insanely hot and humid day:
Tank - Target
Necklaces - thrifted
Skirt - Old Navy
Sandals - Frye

If you've got the time machine, I've got a perfect '80s tennis dress, a racquet, and mediocre skillz:
Dress - thrifted R&R Sports
Sandals - Sketchers

I find it near impossible to wear orange anywhere near black, but this worked (especially awesome because it was yet another heat wave day and wearing a loose silk dress pretty much rocks):
Necklaces - one is thrifted, one from Kohl's
Dress - thrifted Nine West
Sandals - Chinese Laundry

Ok kids, I'll be back soon! In the mean time, know I am spending a lot of time at the pool, updating the etsy, and running around with Mohawk Boy!

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