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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We keep the funk alive by talking with idioms

Heyyyyyyy there kids, sorry I've been gone for a few days. Unfortunately, I may be gone for a few more, I'll try to do a few small posts this week though. My condo complex is having a huge garage sale on Saturday, I'm having a "Yes, it's in the garage, but it's not a garage sale, it's a vintage sale" sale. So basically my house is a huge avalanche of clothes (well, more that usual). Also, on Saturday, I went to sweep out my garage and to move all my stuff to the top shelf to get ready for the sale this weekend. After killing about 15 spiders and choking on all the blown around gravel, I was ready to head inside. So I grabbed my stepladder and the broom and paper towels and closed the door... with my keys still on the shelf in the garage. So I had to break into my own house, criminal style, through the window (good thing I had the stepladder with me!) I still can't get my screen back on... oh goodness, I'm such a ditz sometimes.

I found some great deals on 50% off day at the thrift stores on Monday. They were pretty crazy and crowded though. Otherwise I had a pretty chill weekend. The boy and a few of my friends are still out of town, but hung out with some other friends a few times and watched some baseball with the boys. Business as usual, but with a Monday off.

Here is what I wore Friday. I'm trying to get over my hatred of hats and I found this one at a thrift store last month for $3... cutest. hat. ever. Still don't know if I like it on me.

Everything I'm wearing - thrifted.

And here is what I wore today... I know, I'm not much of a sports t-shirt kind of girl but I love my 1987 Twins World Series Champs shirt (and sweatshirt from that year. I wore it today when I got cold. It says "There's no place like Dome." I love it.)

Again, everything is thrifted. 

The kids were perplexed by the shirt, one fifth grade girl even said, "Eww, what's that? I'm more stylish than you today." Which just goes to show, set the bar low and people will never be disappointed. Clearly my fashion bar is set too high.


Lesa said...

The hat is good.

Sher said...

AT lease you didn't have to break a window ;)A good thing.....

We have RedSox world series T's that we will keep forever. It took my grandfather's whole life to wait for them to win again. I was like 80 something years.

Hope you make a killing on the garage sale this weekend :)

Sal said...

Cannot WAIT to meet you and raid your vintage treasure trove.

elena-lu said...

oh i love your kids comments!! they are too cute!


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