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Thursday, May 28, 2009

erm, suddenly I wear too much navy?

I love this little jacket I found at 50% off day at the Salvation Army on Monday. I'll find a better way to wear it, but here was how I wore it yesterday:

Blazer - thrifted
T-shirt - Bitten by SJP
Skirt - Betsy Johnson
Gold sandals - Target

Third day in a row wearing navy... what's going on there?

Necklace - Kohls clearance, years ago
T-shirt - Target
Dress - thrifted
Shoes - Unisa, DSW clearance

The bottom third of the dress looks like this:

$8 clearance sandals:

Oh yeah, and the vintage garage sale? Still sucking up all my free time. So much stuff. So many racks... here is just one of them, and there are SEVERAL more, plus shoes and belts and hats and purses and and and! Email me if you live in MPLS and want to come, I'll send you the details!


elena-lu said...

wow yeah thats gonna be an awesome sale girly!! good luck!!
im loving the navy! i wear it a lot too! the dress and t look great together! i wish i could see the detail on the blazer!

Mary said...

Ooh that sounds absolutely fabulous-- I would love to come! If you could email me at undergradfab@gmail.com that would be fabulous!

Sal said...

Navy eyelet? Who knew such a critter existed!

Lesa said...

You are cutting edge1 Butwe already knew that) navy is all over the new INSTYLE! I am going searching for a blazer myself....

I'm excited I just found some navy eyelet too!

Bek said...

I think I have that navy dress with the eyelet, but one in black and one in purple! The straps have busted on both of them so I have some sewing to do before summer rolls around here again in Oz.


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