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Monday, May 4, 2009

My Weekend! (with too many exclamation points!!)

Yay! Megan is in town from Denver!

The boys raid my collection of vintage sunglasses from my car!

Jason and Jim leave some advice for everyone! (in case you can't read it it says - President Obama says "Wash your hands.")

Rode our bikes down to see In the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater's MayDay Parade! It's a freak show!

Then it's time for baseball in the park! We had a home-run derby and guess who won the girls division? ME!!

Today's outfit!
Cardigan - Free People
T-shirt - Target
Tank - Target
Skirt - was a vintage dress with a horrible long sleeved black turtleneck top, I turned it into a skirt!
Sandals - MIA

How was your weekend?


Sher said...

Congrats to the Homerun Derby girl!! Looks like you had a GREAT weekend :)


Clare said...

Looks like a great weekend! It's almost summah-time!!

elena-lu said...

ohmy goodness that all looks like so fun! yay! hope you rest up over the week for the coming weekend ;P


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