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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

pebble dress

I found this terribly '80s dress at a thrift store a few months ago and just finally got around to shortening it. It's amazing what hacking a few feet off an ugly dress will do! It still had the old '80s tags on it, from Marshalls. Compare at $30 elsewhere, only $18 here. I paid $3 for it.

Dress - thrifted Joy Gordon (shortened by me)
Belt - thrifted
Shoes - Charles David

I'll have to raid my mom's closet next time I'm home. I know she's got some of these dresses lying around in the back somewhere. I'm really hoping to find someone to take my shift next Saturday... my condo complex is having a garage sale and I have a ton of stuff I'd like to unload rather than have to measure and photograph and put up on etsy.

I went for a 15 mile bike ride yesterday. It was supposed to be in the lower-mid 80s. I was biking and just sweating and sweating and thinking there was something wrong with me that I was so hot. Then I got home and the news said the current temperature was 97. 97?!?! In Minneapolis? In May? Strange. It is CRAZY windy today... my tupperware container that had my peanut butter sandwich in it? Blew away. Three kiwis for lunch. I'm hungry...


Sal said...

That wind is just nuts, isn't it? My ride in was brutal, I'm hoping it'll be a tailwind on the way home!

Mary said...

I seriously love the color on this-- and it looks awesome altered!


elena-lu said...

so so great the way you alter and look so fab in your new duds!!
go eat food now!!

Mary said...

hey I just recently stumbled upon your blog...actually saw one of your outfits on flickr and followed the link through to your blog. I really love it!!!!!! I have a blog of my own:
and was wondering if it would be cool to add the link to your site on my page?
you can email me at stylefyles.tumblr.com



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