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Thursday, May 7, 2009

the best vest

Last Saturday, I was supposed to waitress and while I was driving there, my boss called to cancel me. What's a girl to do? It just so happens I was right by a Goodwill that I never go to because it's not near my house (but halfway to my weekend job). I found this vest in the men's section and was so glad it wasn't TOO big. The back is silk and has awesome Scottish lions on it. Loves.

Blouse - thrifted (I could wear this thing every day in the spring, it's so versitile!)
Vest- thrifted
Lace skirt - thrifted
Shoes - Linea Paolo

Tonight? I've got my pal Daniel until 7:30 and then... STAR TREK! As I've mentioned before, the boy is a Star Trek NERD and I'm pretty excited to go see it. I hope there are some people in costume for me to take pictures of... I love nerds. I love costumes. Should be a good night!


Sal said...

Vest-tastic! Cannot WAIT to see your opening night photos ...

My Big Mouth said...

Ok,I love this outfit!
So cute...professional,yet romantic.
I would have never thought to piece them together.
*thumbs up*

elena-lu said...

hope the movie didnt disappoint! show us the pics when you can!

Clare said...

I love that vest! You look tres cute!


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