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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

polka dot dress

I found this kind of hideous dress at Goodwill when I was with Holly. Very conservative mid-west housewife in the '90s looking. It was floor length and too wide, but I liked the collar and the detailing on the top. A few snips, a blind hem and a few sizes were sucked out and ta-daaaaa... new dress.

Dress - thrifted and altered by me
Shoes - Chinese Laundry

I know, the face. I'm exhausted. By everything. And everyone. I'll perk up in a day or two I'm sure. In the meantime, I am happy this very moment because it is a slow day in my office, I'm reading a decent book at work, I have kiwis and carrots and a peanut butter sandwich to eat outdoors in a half hour, my office smells like insulin (which I love the smell of, I don't know why!), and the pool at my condo just got filled (even though it won't open until Memorial Day weekend). Ahhhh, the little things are gooood.


Sal said...

I've really gotta learn some basic sewing skillz. I see stuff all the time when I thrift that would be fab on me with a few quick alterations. LOVE what you did with this dress, and the perfect pairing with those heels.

Sher said...

Great job on the dress! You can see past an object to what it "could" be. That's talent :)

elena-lu said...

such a cool transformation! i never am good with seeing the possibility in a dress when at the thrift stores! should take some inspiration from you!!

Marie said...

Nice work! I have trouble altering things that are too wide when sleeves are involved... The only dress I was successful with is now sleeveless!

@wesome@bby said...

Insulin....one of your kids is a diabetic? Not many know the smell. I'm a lover of it as well. (My hubby is a diabetic.) I think it's a sort of "clean" smell...like a freshly-opened band-aid, maybe? I'm not sure. It's a comforting thing to me, because I'm so grateful for its existence. My son....his favorite smell (other than the ball park) is his Nebulizer, because he knows it helps him breathe and calms him instantly. Ah, the comforts of medicine. I hope this finds you feeling a bit more refreshed and better all-around.


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