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Monday, December 15, 2008

sick, sick, sick

So I was sneezing all day on Saturday and woke up on Sunday feeling terrible. I feel even worse today. I've got swollen glands, a fever, a cough and sore throat and no voice. So I stayed home from work today, which is fine because it was SO cold today. It is -15 right now and with the wind chill, that is -30!!!! While I spent much of the day sleeping, I have accomplished a few things to show you.

I finally fixed this thrifted sweater...

it was a large and just too big, I mean, I love a giant cardi as much as the next chick, but this one is too short to be so wide, so I fixed it to fit better in the torso and sleeves. And obviously I won't wear it with that tie dyed shirt... that's my pajamas. I kept the sleeves long cause that's how I like my sweaters, it's a perfect fit now!

I also did some crocheting... I finished my giant yellow cowl and I'll post a photo of me wearing it soon, but for right now this will have to do, seeing as I have "sick face" right now.

I also started this cream colored one for my sister. It is her birthday today, but usually just give her all her gifts on Christmas. 

I also got her this adorable sterling silver pin from the 1940s. Her husband is a pilot and I thought it was so cute!

While looking for cute vintage pins for her, I accidentally found these vintage mice rings and then accidentally bought them for me because they were cheap and cute. Anyway, I must go get to bed... it's been like three hours since my last nap. Here's hoping I feel better soon. I hate calling in sick to work, but let's face it, no one wants a sick nurse.

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