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Monday, December 8, 2008

Is it spring yet?

Oh yes, Marni. oh yes. Seriously, I want to dress like this every day. I want to wear circles. Nothing but circles and beautiful colors. Here's my very wintery outfit, inspired by the patterns and colors of Marni's Spring/Summer '09 show...

 Cardigan - Isaac Mizrahi for Target
T-Shirt - Target
Skirt - Delia's 10+ years ago
Tights - DKNY (TJ Maxx)
Boots - thrifted Colin Stuart

It is snowing and has been for hours. We're supposed to get about six inches today in Minneapolis. Plus the boy has his final project for printmaking due tomorrow and will be up till all hours working, so I am staying home, crocheting, sewing, drinking Pinot Noir in front of the fireplace. I already watched A Charlie Brown Christmas while making Thai peanut stir fry. Now I'm watching Arrested Development DVDs, again. 

Oh, that there, that's my plan for the night. Yeah, I have this bad habit of drinking out of jars. All the time. I own wine glasses and various cute glasses, but I drink from jars. I get looks and questions all the time at work cause I drink water out of a giant jar all the time. I just try to avoid plastic in everything I eat and drink, thus jars... adorable, free, made of glass. Whoo!

This is going to be huge! I love crocheting with fat yarn, but this yellow one is thin yarn and I seriously want it to be a really big cowl, like wrap it 2-3 times around your neck big.

Here's the blue one I made in like 2 hours (go fat yarn!) while watching football. Also, dang am I pale, already! 

I'm not looking forward to going to Vegas in January (not cause it's with the boy's family, but because I wanted to be one of those people who never went to trashy Las Vegas... but, I am hoping it is warm enough there to get my freckles back and not be SO pale... at least I'm a redhead and it looks natural to be pasty.) It doesn't help that I just got out of the shower and have no mascara on... red eyelashes = look perma-tired.

I'm also getting a few t-shirt orders ready for my etsy and will go tailor a few things soon. I'll post tomorrow with all the rest of my DIY-ness. Laterz, kittens.

P.S. I had Saturday off for once, and what did I do? Monster trucks. For real. So funny.


Anonymous said...

hey there!
as i already told you on flickr, i like your style very much and now that i found your blog, i like it very much, too. (: so i would like to swap links with you. are you interested?


Awesome Abby said...

OK, so you like fat yarn, baseball, AND monster trucks? Circles, and color? Seriously...I thnk we were separated at birth. :)

E said...

Lady, you are the coolest chick I know.


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