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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fancy pants

"Nurse Fancy Pants"... that is my new name at school. It's pretty fitting (my other two nicknames having come from gay gentlemen, they are "Granny Tranny" and "One Woman Parade"), so they all have a similar theme to them... which is I guess that my style can be described as costumes more so than outfits, at least sometimes. Now that I've been working here since September, I have been taking more risks in my attire. I didn't want to show up the first week dressed like a nut, so I took it easy for a while, but now, psht, I'm all over the place!

Monday, I wore my new crocheted cowl and ugly tie-dyed tank...
Neck cowl - crocheted by me!
Cardigan - Fake Target
Tank - thrifted
Necklace - thrifted
Pants - thrifted Express
Shoes - Doc Martins

Tuesday, I accidentally dressed like a panda. or penguin...
Black dress - thrifted Patrick Robinson for Target
White shirt - Target
Shorts - Target
Tights - TJ Maxx
Shoes - ebay

And today all the kids keep asking why I dressed like a "Chinese Woman". Really, I'm just wearing a robe as a dress with pants. No biggie.
Kimono/robe thing - thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Jeans - Earnest Sewn
Shoes - Bongo (TJ Maxx clearance)

Plus next week is "Spirit Week" where the kids don't have to wear uniforms and there are theme days:
*Monday - Pajama Day 
*Tuesday - Twins Day (dress alike with a friend) 
*Wednesday - '80s Day 
*Thursday - Swagger Day (as in, dress up fancy) 
*Friday - Class Color day (since I don't have a grade, I think I'll just wear EVERY color)
I'm pretty excited and so are the kids. I'm curious to see some six year olds dressed in '80s clothes.

Oooh, my big yellow scarf is coming along nicely, and I should have a picture of the finished product later this week. I also made a ruffled scarf out of orange jersey, I'll wear it soon so you can see it. It's pretty awesome in a garish way. And yay, got a few more orders on my etsy! In other words, life is good, even though I want to strangle the boy for being messy and lazy and forgetful... but he is an artist, so what did I expect? We'll see, he may live to see another day. Laterz.

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