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Friday, December 12, 2008

Reformed Scrooge

So I went to the Hollidazzle parade last night with my client Daniel. I've been pretty blah about Christmas this year... I never know what to get anyone but my little brother, I HATE malls, I didn't even bother to put up a tree this year... but being around all those little kids who were so excited about Santa and the parade may have pulled me out of my pseudoScrooge-dom. Nice word, huh?

Oh, but I did put up the stocking my sister made me last year on the fireplace, wound twinkle lights around the stairs and put that little skiing nutcracker out, so I'm not a lost cause. Plus, I do listen to a lot of Christmas music. Here's today's outfit. I'm trying to work more patterns into my winter wardrobe. I tend to wear a lot of solids, so I'm trying to change that.

I don't know, I'm just feeling a little "off" today. I think being home for Christmas will help, I just need to get through the next week or so. I'm driving back with my friend Mike, which I am looking forward to. We have driven home together a few times and it's always a blast. His family is in Madison (Wisconsin) and my parents live about an hour south of there. He even comes down to my hometown to visit on the last night and we go out on the town then drive back to Minneapolis in the morning. It's a little bittersweet. Two years ago, he was my best friend. We did everything together, I even slept over at his house all the time. People assumed we were dating. We weren't. Then he decided we should. I said no. Things have never been the same. We're friends, but it will never be like it was, when we were just two best friends who happened to be opposite gender. Boo on all the sex stuff that gets in the way. 

Cardigan - thrifted Old Navy
T-shirt - Target
Skirt - thrifted
Tights - ????
Shoes - Steve Madden

Ok, enough of the wallowing in the sad. I'm off to eat soup and wander the skyways!

P.S. Go visit Tagtraeumerin - she's fabulous and I just won a pair of the cutest little star earrings with snowflakes in them. She's so adorable and chic, it's unreal. Also, I must be having a lucky streak as Fashion Binge also chose me to win their Harajuku Lovers Coffret Set !! Ok, maybe it's time to take up gambling.

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laura said...

hey there, you greatly-dressed person. (: take a look at my blog please!


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