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Friday, December 26, 2008


Yay, back in my lovely Minneapolis (well, it would be lovely if it wasn't raining ice and foggy. What a fun 6+ hours in the car today. Now I've spent the last few hours ripping out carpet and scraping glue off the concrete floor. Now my living room looks like this...

Which caused my kitchen to look like this...

Oh, and my dishwasher doesn't always sit like that in the middle of the floor. As ye faithful few readers of my blog shall recall, the old one blew up like a month ago. After much hand-washing and chinese take-out eating, it has been replaced with this deluxe new model! All hail the glory of the discount floor model!

Hopefully all will be remedied tomorrow when I spend the day with the fam installing wood floors. I'm pretty psyched and it's motivating me to go through my stuff and donate things to the Salvation Army. When I was in college I moved every year and thus did a yearly purge of my things (do I need to move this ugly lamp that has been in the closet for a year, or can it go in the donate pile?) Now that I've been in my condo for three and a half years, the STUFF is starting to pile up (Seriously, what is all that STUFF in my junk drawer?!? who put it there?!?!?) I'm trying not to be a hoarder, but the crafter in me gets nuts (oh, that dress? that hasn't fit in years, but don't you worry, one day I'll turn it into a skirt. or a vest. or you know, a turban.)

Oh, and that lamp I never use, don't worry it has taken up residence in the boys house where it is often used. It has been replaced by this lamp of awesome Norwegian cuteness courtesy of my grandparent's move to a retirement community.

Helluva upgrade from the IKEA lamp I stole from my brother that used to live on my bedside table.

Oh, and just so this isn't a totally house centric post, how Minnesotan are my friends?

Seriously, flannel and beards and staring at the football game, but still my boys (well, a few of them). This was the night of my friend Jim's birthday. Bowling!

HOPEFULLY my floor will be finished tomorrow, then I'm off for a night with the girls!!!! Whoo, my ladies are in town for the holidays!!! Many pictures will be taken, including some glamour shots on Monday when we try on dresses for Megan's wedding! Hope your holidays are awesome!


My Big Mouth said...

Its funny what you say about the purging thing.I do it too.Once a year I just start going thru every room to see whats boxed in there that we never use.I got my kids doing it now on thier own.Yay!
And yes,I understand that whole crafters thinking...hmm can this be used for another project?

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

I'm trying hard to live a lot more Simply than I have in the past...and purging as often as possible but hard to do with fabric and ribbon everywhere :)


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