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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

M.I.A. me

Sorry I have been a terrible blogger and disappeared for ALMOST A WEEK! I will have many photos for you tomorrow to make up for it. I had much planning for the mustache party, worked several 12 hour days, and then left the plug-in for my laptop at Ryan's for a few days... Also, Ryan's house was robbed last week. Luckily him and his roommate own nothing of value... what did the thieves get for their work? A $30 DVD player from Target, an old Playstation 2 my old roommate gave to Ryan last month, Ryan's roommate's old laptop that no longer worked and he was just looking for a place to recycle it. And... my bike. My 1970's men's Peugeot that took months to find in a small enough frame size (my life would be easier if I just got a "girl" bike, but what can I say, I'm a snob). It was disturbing though. All the drawers were dumped out and closets ripped up. I was especially mad because they didn't take Ryan's bike because he had popped a tire and then went out of town for a few days, so hadn't fixed it yet. However, my bike was also broken, it just looks OK. It has this old French gear system that I blew the weld on when going up a big hill, I've been looking for a replacement part (in a half-assed way) for a few weeks. So, I don't think they realized it didn't work when they took it, which was frustrating. I was at work and thought I should look on Craigslist to see if they ditched it somewhere when they tried to pedal it and realized my gears weren't connected to the crank. And what was there? MY BIKE! A girl found a vintage Peugeot outside the Kowalski's and put it up wanting a description to see if it was yours... I emailed her and it was mine! I got it back on Sunday! This NEVER happens! Stolen bikes are just gone. Soo, whoo to the nice teenage girl. Boo on you crime. Please figure out that Ryan and his roommate own nothing of value and leave us alone. thank you.

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Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! Next year, we should go shopping together!


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