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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Long day of tending bar

These long bartending shifts are exhausting. I wasn't built to pretty much stand in one place all day long. I went nuts cleaning to pass the time and cut my wrist on an old piece of glass that was left in the bottom of a shelf. Ouch! Anyway, I am feeling lazy, thus the lazy outfit. Whateves.
Dress - Free People
Tank under it - little boys Fruit of the Loom
Sandals - crazy $2 outlet store

I have tomorrow off (aside from The Interview and my client.) Have I mentioned that before? On Thursday nights I have a disabled client whom I have worked with for 6+ years. He is adorable and so much fun. Anyway, then I also have Friday off to go wedding shopping with my friend Megan who is in town from Boston! Yeah! I am going to be in her wedding next summer (and they're getting married on a Caribbean cruise! Whoo-pee!) Anyway, I must go convince Ryan to watch Project Runway, since I don't have cable...

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