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Thursday, August 28, 2008

just a quickie

I'll post the Augustache birthday party mustache photos soon, I just need to get them off Ryan and Matt's cameras... I can tell you that I wore this (sans mustache for this photo but you better believe I was rocking a hairy black one later).

I had an awesome birthday weekend. Unfortunately I had to bartend 14 hours straight on Friday, which was okay anyway cause I made appox. one million dollars... then Saturday I went sailing all day, showered, picked up the keg, made a bunch of mustaches, and watched the hilarity ensue. Sunday was baseball and Monday I got to make my final rounds as a Beer Cart girl at the country club... then off to the real job on Tuesday!

The kids will start on Tuesday, but I started meetings and trainings this week on Tuesday (my birthday, boo for meetings). The RN is awesome, the school is awesome, the teachers are amazing. I am SO excited! I met a few kids and families at the open house yesterday, and I am in love! Here is my outfit for that day...

And the next day...

And today...

I know, I think I've worn this before, but I'm all thrown off on my mornings since working later all summer, and I don't want to scare the staff or kids by dressing too nuts for a week or two. Also, I am thinking about being the last one on board for Wardrobe Remix starting on Tuesday, since I'll be wearing real clothes every day... we'll see!

Also, to celebrate my new job, I bought myself three pairs of shoes... I know, I know, so pathetically girly. This was perhaps not the wisest decision as my closet is beginning to overflow out of the walk-in closet and into my bedroom... I figure if they are pretty enough to make feet look cute, they can be decoration too??? Sure, whatever.


E said...

Leave it to John to not mention your party and leave it to me not to check my comments until too late... Thanks SO much for the invitation, though! I'm sure it was absolutely fabulous and I can't wait to see pictures!

So, is that a Trashy Diva dress in the first picture? I've been lusting after one for a few weeks, now... LOVE it. [Also love the gold skirt. Flossy, flossy! :)]

And I'd buy a bunch of shoes, too. Your new job is going to be great!!

Oh, and YES. Join wardrobe_remix!

futurelint said...

yeah, I finally broke down and got a Trashy Diva dress when they went on sale for $34 after everyone was ripping off their design and selling them for cheap... I got a small and am wishing I got an XS, it's a little loose on me...


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