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Friday, August 29, 2008


Putting up loads of fall and winter stuff on my etsy today... but why oh why do I want to keep everything I thrift?!?! Thank goodness for the things that don't fit... the only thing I may keep for real is the 70's pink dress and possibly the red knit fedora (although I never wear hats, and in fact have a bit of a theory that women who wear hats on a regular basis are crazy.)

Hmm... nothing else to say for now. Creepiest theme party ever tomorrow... we're throwing a wake for my friend Jim. He gets all snippy when people make fun of him, you know, dishes it out but can't take it. On Monday he stormed out of the fantasy football draft saying he didn't want to be friends with like four of the people there anymore. So, he is dead to us apparently. We're throwing a wake, featuring photos and stories about him, everyone all in black. It's morbid, but it will get Jim some love and he will forgive everyone for giving him a hard time about being a sci-fi loving, skinny nerd. But that's why I love him! I'm even making sandwich trays and cakes. We're terrible.

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was it something i said? said...

how fun to be able to go to your own wake though!


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