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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

frankie says relax

So I finally have a few days off... I didn't have to work at all yesterday and pretty much wasted the day sleeping (being to work at 7am for the last 9 months earns me one day of lazy, yes?) I then decided to go lay by the pool and nap, thus finally getting a little color, that color being pink. I was only outside for 40 minutes, but it was from noon until 12:40... oops. Anyway, I HATE matching bathing suits which works out just fine because I can always snatch up the odd tops/bottoms from the 75% off section at Target. Sometimes they kinda match like today
(hey, they are both striped right?) and other times, they are SO mismatched, but I don't care. It's my thing. I also have this habit of wearing bathing suit tops as bras all the time in the summer. I think it looks hoochie if you walk around in a top where people can see your bra (either due to sheerness of the shirt, or like wearing a tube top or halter with a regular bra underneath.) But anytime a bathing suit top is sticking out of a shirt, it is just plain cute. I do it almost every day in the summer and the bf is annoyed by it but what does he know? Plus I can just keep a pair of bottoms in a ziploc bag in my purse and if I feel the need to jump into one of MN's 10,000 lakes, I am all ready. I grew up on a lake, and seriously spent all my summers in the water, so while having like 40 bathing suits seems odd to some people, to me it is just the summer wardrobe. Anywhoo, sometimes I do wear real clothes (although come to think of it, there is a green bathing suit top on under this little baby) Here is me today Photobucket Slightly less pink skinned than yesterday and spending 3 hours this morning organizing my sewing stuff. It was making me nuts. Now all the trim is together, all the upholstery fabric, all the scraps big enough to do something with, etc. I feel so much better and that is why I am leaving you to go sew. I am going to try to finish sewing a few bags and put them up on

my etsy

within a week or so. I'll let you know when they are up and in the meantime, go put on a swim suit (the top at least.)

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E said...

I have the same addiction to bathing suits: being a competitive swimmer and growing up in Minnesota justifies the dozens upon dozens I have collected. This one you're sporting is absolutely adorable!

By the way, I just got the shirt in the mail (Awesome super-fast shipping!) and I can't wait to wear it! It looks perfect and I will definitely be writing about it on Sunday! Thanks for the cute note, too :)


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