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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chuck it

After posting that picture of Aunt Lily from Pushing Daisies yesterday, I decided to do a bit of a "lonely tourist Charlotte Charles", "Dead Girl", "Chuck" inspired outfit...

Since she usually wears only one or two colors at a time... I went for red. Because it is fall and I never wear red.
Headband - ? Target?
Shirt - vintage via eBay
Skirt - thrifted Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes - Tracy Reese

Neckline detail, skirt detail, and shoe shot:

While digging around for a red top to wear with this red skirt, I got annoyed with the state of my sweaters and cardigans and very dramatically yanked them all down. Four hours later, my room was spectacularly organized (well, the big long closet is) and now I have this to come home to:

The other side has all the blacks, whites, greys, and browns, but those pictures wouldn't be as fun! I'm a realist. I know I will slowly destroy it's glory and it will return to it's natural state of chaos and anarchy soon... but for now, it makes me excited to dress in layers and even a little okay with the next 7 months of darkness and snow. Guh, this headband is killing me. It's squeezing all the juice out of my brain meat.


Sal said...

Marvelously monochrome!

Rebecca said...

Love it! Chuck always had the best outfits.

trippingtiffies said...

you just made my day. Chuck always looked fantastic! so do you!

Between Laundry Days said...

So I read this whole post, quietly appreciating your awesomeness. Then I got to the part about your brain juice and sprayed tea all over my keyboard. You are my favorite.

Iris said...

I like the monocromatic look and I'm totally digging your organization, I color coordinate everything!

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Someday, I'll be as awesomely coordinated and organized as you.
Loving the red outfit. The headband does not appear to be squeezing juices, but does look adorable.
Yeay for Charlotte Charles!

Anonymous said...

i love monotone outfits, and this one is awesome! i like that you even had a headpiece to work into the outfit. and, by the way, your tattoo is amazing. ~joelle

Anna said...

you've made me in the mood to clean out my closet. now i have plans tonight for when the husband is at arcade fire.

Amy said...

Ohhh I love a bit of wardrobe organsing, it's so satisfying! Lurve your red shoes, they're gorgeous!

N said...

No wonder you seem to have so many clothes! If your sweater collection is a representative sample, I am even more in awe.

LyddieGal said...

awww, love your chuck inspired look!!
pushing daisies was such a great show, i miss it.

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