"" FutureLint (I have nothing to wear!): Zee best Tuesday ever?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zee best Tuesday ever?

I am hoping today rules because yesterday was a terrible Monday (work was super busy and involved picking ticks off little boys and a girl who I thought broke her arm on the playground.) Today I found out that she just severely bruised her bone... so it's is already off to an okay start!
 Blouse - vintage, Korea
Watch - Michael Kors
Jersey skirt - thrifted J.Jill
Shoes - Jessica Simpson

Zee bow and zee shoes:
Well, I am thankful that I have a full-time job (and one that I usually love), so I can't complain too much! Now I just need to find a summer job for like 20 hours a week, so I have some source of steady income but also time to finally deal with Future Lint, World's Tiniest T-shirt Company.

Yesterday after work I went for a super fun bike ride in the sunshine around three lakes while listening to oldies and that whole scenario may need to be repeated again tonight. I love you Minneapolis and all your bike trails and lakes. Do wah diddy diddy dumm diddy do.


Erin said...

The polka dots and bow are just darling!

Rebecca said...

That blouse is adorable.

Sal said...

Hurrah for bike season! I'ma bike all week, dangit.

And I drool for those shoes. Every time.

Clare said...

I just got my Worlds Tiniest T-Shirt Company t-shirt in the mail this weekend!! SOOOO stoked to wear it!

And I'm gaga over that bow blouse. So adorable.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I had planned on getting my bike out for a riding date with my husband this evening, but the weather has turned to complete crap here the past couple of days.... I'm glad the girl didn't suffer a break. I'm loving the dots!

Anonymous said...

the trails down my way in MN are a lot of fun, too. Mayhaps you've inspired me for a little outing this weekend ... :o)

That blouse is so fun!

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Love the shirt. Was there a vintage shop you found in Korea? I asked around once when I was there and folks were like "Ew, why would you wear other people's old clothes?"
Yes, Minneapolis will spoil a girl, with it's amazing bike paths and fairly entrenched bike culture (My buddy once said that while it was no bike-car peace, it was more like bike-car detente. Here, it is still bike-car road war.)

Future Lint said...

I didn't find a vintage shop there but at the Seoul Folk Flea Market there were TONS of vintage leather coats and bags and a few vintage clothing items randomly here and there. I found this top there from a guy selling mostly hairdryers and radio parts for all of $2!

Some pictures of the stands here:


Kendi Lea said...

I love zee blouse!

Robyn said...

I hope today was a much better day.

I am always floored by J Simp's shoes. I would never have pegged her for having a good shoe line, but I definitely like more of them than not. Those ones you are sporting are probably my favorites so far.


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