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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The grand experiment

This dress is very "Sharon Cherski" (if you got that reference, we're gonna be good friends)... so I added the vintage fascinator to make it less '90s... it might be a bit much but eh, I was never one for subtlety...
Fascinator - thrifted
Vest - thrifted
Dress - thrifted
Watch - Michael Kors
Shoes - Frye

So, I like to think of my life as one big experiment. I'll try anything once and I like to try little things just to see what happens. At the end of April, I was reading an article on how humans are the only species that drink milk past infancy and drink the milk of another species. It suggested going two weeks without dairy to see how you feel, then decide. I haven't had any dairy products in exactly one month and I don't think I'll ever consume them again. I'm certainly not saying it's for everyone and that you should go throw away your cheese, but for me, it has been so amazing! I feel so much better! When I was a kid I was allergic to milk and eventually outgrew it in my teens. I've never been one to drink actual milk, I hate yogurt, I rarely eat ice cream because it always gives me a stomachache, but cheese - I will miss you. You are delicious in every form and on everything. But since I've stopped eating you my allergies bother me less and my stomach never hurts when I am running. Sorry cheese, our relationship is over.

P.S. If you have an opinion about this or experience with this, feel free to share, but remember to keep it civil, pretty please!


Sal said...

I salute you, C, but life without cheese ain't worth living. Especially since I can't eat sugar or white flour.

But I totally know what you mean. In my case, life without sugar is truly amazing. Bodies have such varied needs!

Melrose said...

lol ohhhh MSCL! the memories...

i love the addition of the fascinator. definitely brings ht outfit into the now... although those are one of the oldest accessories ever.. weird how that works.

and if i could take cheese as my lover, I'm sure I would. The italian in me would not be happy if I didn't douse everything in parmesan! but if it caused aches it was definitely a good move to try going without!

Anonymous said...

may I make a request for a Rayanne-inspired outfit from you at some point? I'd love to see you handle her scarves, gloves, and constant need for Tootsie Pops.

I do enough experiments in the lab to want to take away my precious cheese and ice cream, but then again, they don't rebel against me. Hope yours continues smoothly! :o)

Rebecca said...

That dress is very Sharon Cherski, and she definitely would have worn it with a vest.

I've never tried giving up cheese, but it would be hard for me. I think I could live without most other dairy products, but cheese is so good.

EvaNadine said...

oh wow. seriously, cheese is my favorite food.
i have considered giving it up, but i just dont think i could -- as sal said, like wouldnt be worth living!

but kudos to you, gal!

Deena said...

I second the Rayanne comment!

I miss cheese and ice cream too, but my body has become lactose-intolerant, so I've quit dairy. So far, the only vegan cheese that doesn't taste gross is Daiya. Yum--had that on some pizza the other day.

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Adorable dress and I love the fascinator. You have the best accessories! I didn't get the reference, sadly (my parents didn't let me watch any TV as kid)
I was a vegan for about a year, and I thought it would help me with my allergies, but they actually got worse that spring. But I also was in the middle of a tough year and Worst.Relationship.Ever, so I don't want to generalize, given how high my stress levels were. I do find that I am more muscus-y with certain dairy products, but less so with others. I do love the creativity with cooking that comes with cutting out cheese. Lots of garlic.

Clare said...

I'm with Sal, life without cheese really isn't life at all. But I admire that you're doing something that's clearly so good for your body.

And this outfit? Tres Sharon! I loves it!

katy said...

i did the same thing (re:dairy) in high school, and i've now been vegan for 7 years. yum yum!
before that, i was a dairy-aholic, drinking 2 gal. of milk a week by myself. i lost 40 pounds within the first few months of cutting out dairy, lost most of my seasonal allergies, too. i still get sinus headaches when the pollen's strong, and mold and i really don't get along at all, but that's nothing compared to the horrors of allergy season when i as in high school.
i don't miss a thing. well, that's not exactly true - strawberry soft serve was pretty amazing, as was the blue box mac+cheese, but that's it.
i've found that after so long, i can't even stand the smell of dairy, cheese really reeks when you're not used to it!
i've found that i pretty much love nutritional yeast, and make a lot of sauces and things out of it here a cheezy sauce would be used by others.
and now there's this amazing thing that turtle mountain/purely decadent is doing, called using COCONUT MILK for EVERYTHING and i'm in love. coconut milk ice cream? yes please. keifr? ok, i'll take the yoghurt too! straight up coconut milk for drinking, oh yes! i love coconut... :)

i'll second the daiya cheese recommendation, follow your heart is pretty good too, in/on things - all others are horrible.

good luck!

jesse.anne.o said...

I usually forget about this since it's been about 14 years of veganism but before I went vegan I was having pretty bad stomach issues around cheese. To be fair I wasn't eating all that well when I wasn't vegan (it was party time in college) but once I cut out cheese I was so thrilled that everything just felt BETTER. Good luck!

Marie said...

I think it's strange when people claim our bodies supposedly NEED milk from another animal, that you can't have strong bones without it. No, you can get calcium other ways too if you try. Milk is not the only source. Good luck with the decision to give up cheese! If you feel better, it'll be worth it.

La fille d'or said...

No cheese for me- being vegan and all : ) but yes I have to agree you do feel better. And it is weird that we drink milk from another animal,,, that always bothed me - even as a little tyke.

THat dress is awesome-
hehehe I don't think I've thought about that show for awhile now... need to add it to my list of 90's things.

How are you liking re-watching Daria? I'm sad because I do miss the music.

Melissa said...

Don't they make some kind of vegan or dairy-free cheese that you could eat if you really needed a cheese fix?

At any rate...if it makes you feel better, what anyone else thinks doesn't matter too much. They don't have to feel the physical effects of it on your body, you do.

You do what's right for you. :)

sara star said...

I have been absorbed in your blog for like an hour now, and so on this super old post, I have to say, I know exactly who you are talking about! Angela Chase's childhood bestfriend in My So-Called Life! Oh my I love that show.


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