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Monday, August 3, 2009

Driving in the dark

I'm back, a little poorer, a lot the wiser about the glory that is South Dakota (surprising! I know!) First, let me throw a couple of Minneapolis outfits at you:

Fancy pants dinner with a very old friend:

Dress - Express, 12 years ago
Belt - made by me, look at the last post for info
Shoes - Michael Kors

Drinks with a friend who surfed my couch for a few days while in town for a wedding:

Dress - Isaac Mizrahi for Target SAMPLE
Pocketwatch - garage sale, I added the chain
Shoes - thrifted

Watching baseball...
Striped dress vest thing - thrifted
White eyelet dress - thrifted
Headband - ??? had it like 15 years
Bracelet - World Market belt
Shoes - Chinese Laundry

I'll do a full South Dakota report soon, I need to get a buttload of pictures from Ben. In the mean time, I'll in throw one picture of each member of SoDak RoadTrip Crew '09.

Ryan, in a cave:

Peter wanted to fit in with all the motorcycle rally guys, so he bought this $4 shirt and $1 bandana before we went out gambling in Deadwood:

I imitated and molested many, many predential statues, including this one of Thomas Jefferson:

We just arrived into town at 6am this morning after driving 10 hours, so I need to go bartend then sleeeeeeeep.


Sal said...

Those turquoise shoes are giving me PANGS of jealousy!

Lesa said...

I love the belt, I am going to try one myself. I have a big ole stretchy target belt and a button collection so I'm ready to roll. Thanks for the idea!

Sher said...

We got to see your belt! That is so cool (sorry for old lady slang)

Can't wait to see pictures! As for accosting presidents, other presidents have done worse LOL!

@wesome@bby said...

I hope the bf looks a lil more thrilled than ole TJ when he gets one of your kisses! :)

Sher said...

Hey! I saw you on the back of Style Sample Magazine! Girl you are famous! ;)


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