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Monday, July 13, 2009

everything is hilarious

My weekend involved...
Friday - 13 hours on the beverage cart at work... it was the men's guest day, they all got pretty drunk, and were all very silly and funny. I was exhausted but rich by the end of the day.

Saturday - bartended in the morning, watched the Twins game, then went to Al Franken's victory party at a schmansy hotel in St Paul.

(In case you weren't aware, Minnesota's senate race has been locked up in recounts and all sorts of legal limbo since the Novemeber voting day... Al Franken, yes from Saturday Night Live, finally won and I am oh so excited. In the picture he is drawing a crazy accurate map of the US from memory... watch him do it here if you want!)

Sunday - watched the Twins game and then went sailing with Ryan, Jrod, Matt, Chris and Kai (yes, nearly all my friends are dudes.) So the boy has a sailboat. He does not have a car. These things make sense when you know him. So, how do we get the boat from his driveway to the lake? We push it.

You can't get much "greener" than pushing a sailboat, though!

What is that we are holding on to as a handle? One of our wooden baseball bats that shattered during a game... nothing but class for us, right?

My life is so ridiculous sometimes.


Sal said...

Hah! I love it. Doesn't get more summer than hauling a boat around with a broken baseball bat.

Jess said...

I just today watched a video of AF drawing a map- I am totally impressed!

Charlotte Drene said...

You have beautiful hair, you know..


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