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Monday, January 12, 2009

Lovely things

I am in love with this sweater. I don't know why. It's too big, it's brown brown brown, has two horse heads on the front, and two horse heads and a horse shoe on the back. It is UGLY. I LOVE it. I tried it on three ways to see how to wear it tomorrow... I still don't know! I think maybe the purple? or green? no purple, cause then I get to wear that old bow tie on my head. 

Anyway, remember back in November when I wore this...

and was talking about my somewhat wealthy great-aunt who never had children and spent all her money on jewelry? So I was given six brooches, which I was too paranoid to wear. Well, I'm still scared to wear them, but I finally photographed them. They are from the '20s to '40s... my grandma wasn't too sure on the exact dates. Here they are in all their glory!

Oh, and the nutter poncho I traipsed around in all day.
Poncho thingie - thrifted
Jeans - Earnest Sewn
Shoes - Target
Laterz kittens.


Maggie said...

Digging the brooches.

Myra said...

fabulous jewelry. wear the sweater with boots and jeans.

My Big Mouth said...

The brooches are gorgeous!
I love the 20's-40's anyways.
I totally dig the red with the brown sweater but,I love red and own/wear way too much of it,lol.

Eleh said...

oh gees i love them brooches!

and hon, you've been linked :D

djStoreRoom said...


I am from your new Sew Craft Blog Group 4. Just finished adding everyone to my blog!! Happy blogging!



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