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Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 has been a lazy year thus far

Hmm, I can't decide if I'm excited to go back to work and be back in the usual routine or if I'm going to miss my days of sleeping in and eating cookies all day. We'll see. For now I think I'm excited for regular life and schedules again. I bought like ten new books to read at work when it is slow and I'm excited to see the kids again. Here is the only other outfit picture I took over break...

 Hat - thrifted
Sweater - thrifted
T-shirt - American Apparel
Pants - Kohls??
Shoes - Bongo

I know, I know. I'm wearing a hat. I am not a hat person. However, I've had this little hat that I got for $2 at a thrift store for a while. It smelled bad so it's been airing out on a hook in my bathroom for months. I decided to finally wear it. Seriously, I wear some odd stuff out in public and there are varying reactions. I wore this hat out on Friday with a few friends. It is magic. Seriously, like 20 guys came and talked to me (I have a boyfriend. He was there. He found it amusing.) TWO guys sent me free drinks. It was very strange. Anyway, any single ladies out there, go get yourself a similar hat and just wait for the magic. I think it's just a good "in" for a guy, you know, just a way to start the conversation.

Anyway, my New Year's Eve was okay. Nothing earth-shaking. Just another night in with the boys, only in slightly fancier clothes. I spent today making a few necklace charms.
Yeah, that's a sperm whale, Bambi, and some honeycomb. I don't know either. I was bored. Then the Vikings lost and I was sad (but not surprised). Ok, must get to bed now as I can no longer sleep in till 10. or 9. or 8. 7 is pushing it. 6:30, here I come!

OOOH, and P.S. it looks like our senate seat is going to...
 (well, after a few more lawsuits anyway.)


Ana said...

haha I will have to find a hat like that.

I'm also intrigued as to whether or not I will like being in the routine of school or miss binging on holiday cookies.

Cabbage Babble said...

You have a great site.


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