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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Have you ever heard of wordle? It is rather awesome, it looks at your blog, then breaks down all the words you've used and puts them into a little graphic. The words you use the most are the biggest (I'm pretty sure it leaves out things like the, at, and, in) It's so cute and fun! Here's mine! (click on it to see it bigger and make your own.)

Wordle: futurelint

Apparently I say "like" "one" "just" and "get" a lot. I figured it would be "thrifted", "cute", "fun", and "laterz". Apparently I don't know myself too well!

Real posting will resume tomorrow. I had yesterday off work and spent all day yesterday working on photos for my etsy. I got a few new things up (and already sold one this morning!) but I need to go put more of them up. They are photographed, I just have to measure and describe them, which is the least fun part. Boo! (yeah, why isn't boo bigger? I'm always boo-ing on things! What can I say? I'm a hater.)

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