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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lost in the woods

Oh, if only my newly thrifted dress had pockets for breadcrumbs! Ok, sorry, got swept up in the Hansel and Gretel of it all. Here I am, queen of the squirrels. I LOOOOOVE this dress even though it was missing the ribbon from the front (I wonder what it looked like? It will make me nuts!) Luckily I happened to have like 20 feet of vintage red ribbon from an antique store laying in my ribbon drawer (I know, I know) so I threw some of that on the dress before I left this morning!

T-shirt - Target 
Dress - thrifted (vintage ribbon added by me!) 
Pants/leggings - GAP dance pants (this dress is a little short and I work with children and teens after all! I'll probably change into black tights when I go over to the boys house later tonight.) 
Boots - thrifted Colin Stuart

Oooh, and the other thing that's going to make me nuts... this dress. Also thrifted. No tags. No brand. No fabric info. No idea when or where it's from! I'm suspecting it's not very old based on the silhouette of the skirt, but who knows?Mystery clothes... makes me crazy!

   Dress - thrifted 
Cable knit tights - TJ Maxx 
Boots - Seychelles


Myra said...

You are nominated for a Kreativ Blogger, see my site for details.

Mary said...

ooh! You have the best luck with thrifted dresses! I hate when I find things without labels too, it`s so annoying because if I buy it I want to know the story behind it and where I can find more!


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