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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanks but no thanks, Wisconsin

Thanksgiving was... fine... going back to a small town in Wisconsin is always a bit of a strange culture shock... not that it's so different from Minneapolis - it is just weird to be back in a place that is so the same, but also so different than when I grew up there. Sleeping in a twin bed in my old bedroom (which is now an office - with a bed), running into old boyfriends who never left town, hanging out with my little brother and his giant dog... it was fun but four days is enough. It's strange, but Minneapolis is now "home" more than my home is home... you know?

This color scheme is in no way an endorsement of the Green Bay Packers:
 Shirt - Target ($6! yay for super-clearance!)
Cardigan - Daisy Fuentes
Tights - ??? The dawn of time itself?
Shoes - www.modcloth.com (free thanks to Daddy Likey costume contest last year!!)

My favorite hat... a thrifted vintage fox fur busby that allows me to run around in skirts all winter - as long as my head is warm, I won't freeze!

My second favorite hat... a newly thrifted French vintage wool and mohair hat (worn with earmuffs to keep my ears from freezing off!) I love this hat because it doesn't smoosh my hair puff and looks rather awesome with earmuffs, I think.

How was your Thanksgiving/Thursday?


Sal said...

I hear ya. And whenever I leave, no matter where we go, I always feel SO grateful to live in Minneapolis when we get back. It's such a great town.

I adore that busby! What a find.

elena-lu said...

dude the hat! awesomness!
hey four days of fun and then your're out sounds ok to me!!
we dont pick our family or childhood hometowns or a lot of other things from childhood but hey they're ours and we are who we are in part because of them wether we like it or not so lets accept that and move on cause we do choose our adult families and our current hometowns so hey its all balanced out right?! yeah well thats what im sticking to it gets me through my family holidays :)

Anonymous said...

Girl! I want that fur hat!! You look so adorable in it.



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